68 Road Runner and this is her story:


     After 2½ yrs of searching for a worthy 1968 Road Runner in need of rescue, ASD located their customer, Peter Duczak, a fantastic garage project find. This numbers matching 383, factory red, 4 speed - started it’s restoration 25yrs ago, but stalled out to become our project.

     The seller had owned this bird since 1983 (36yrs) and is a HUGE Mopar enthusiast, same as Peter. We were the 6th potential buyer, calling on the car, since listed 14-days earlier. The owner would not sell to the other suitors, because some wanted to drop in a Hemi, others street it out, some fix and sell. However, none of these would do for the owner. The owner was looking for a Mopar purest. Someone to bring this bird back to stock, better than the original, the glory days -but most importantly, to go home with an owner that would really take care of her! The perfect Mopar Home!!!!


     Join us now on this journey, regarding this 3-owner vehicle, as this stripped down, rolling shell garage project, transforms into new life, pushing fresh air through her intake. Watch the transformation, step by step from rescuing it out of the garage from sitting 25yrs, repairing, replacing or refurbishing every part ---until this ‘68 Bird-Runs the Streets again!!!!

Check out our teaser pics of the 68 Road Runner . . .



5. Restored, Revitalized  & Ready to be REVEALED


4. Nothing says VaRooom Like a Healthy Inside... 


3. Slick, Slim, & Trim ... 


2. The Doc  is in  Da House ... 


1. She was lost but now she is found ... 


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